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Growth is an essential part of life. Even in case of companies, growth needs to be witnessed to ensure that the company is progressing and growing in a right way. Every company could grow, however, the only difference constitutes that a good company grows faster than every other company just like the independent retail business concern John Thomas Financial that is based in Wall Street.

The inception of JTF

This company was founded in 2007, and within a span of just five years in business, the whole world could see such remarkable and significant growth. Today, it is counted among the leading business organizations of New York.

John Thomas Financial firm was founded by the Greek-American businessman, Thomas Belesis. This financial leader, who is also well-known among his associates as Tommy Belesis, started the firm with just 3 employees including him. He used to hold his office in one small room. By 2012, the three employees firm has grown hundred folds. About three hundred employees have found career opportunities and growth for themselves today in JTF.

Services offered by JTF

As they expanded, they are also offering more services and widened their market scope. Presently, they are offering market analysis, short term trading, research, investment banking services, hedging strategies, liquidity, IPOs, portfolio management, income generation, mergers and private placement, PIPEs, acquisitions and several others.

Tommy Belesis built an affiliate firm also that solely offers services to private individuals. This firm is known as John Thomas Financial Private Wealth Management. This company handles all their affluent clients’ money matters and aids their decision-making process regarding the investment as well as management of their property and wealth. The clients in this JTF’s affiliate firm range from heirs and heiress, athletes, actors and other prosperous and famous individuals, who require assistance in their private wealth management.

In conclusion, this simply shows that number of years does not necessarily determine success rate of something or someone. If the track record of this firm is observed, it is merely half a decade since they started doing business yet they are regarded, as one among the most distinguished firms in this field.

Despite being immature in the number of years of service, they are prepared to excel and develop very fast. The firm believes in principles such as integrity, service excellence and dedication towards the success of a customer. They provide customized solutions to their clients, which meets their financial goals.

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Are you working in accounting and finance in New York? If so, become a CPA is a great investment you will appreciate for the remainder of your career. In this article I am going to give you a summary on the three steps in becoming a CPA in New York.


To start with, you may have an interest to know that the CPA qualification is granted by State Boards of Accountancy and not a centralized agency at the federal level. The implication is that every state has a slightly different CPA examination requirements and as an aspiring CPA candidate you’ll must be cautious in checking with the requirements in your state tax preparation new york city.


How To Become A CPA: An Overview


The nice thing to know is that New York is thought about of these substantially equivalent states.


Having said that, because of the continuing hard work to standardize the CPA examination requirements across the country, lots of states have now become “substantially equivalent states” which means that the CPA licensee of this state can work as a CPA across the country without the additional registration and paperwork.


The three Requirements For CPA Licensing


In general, a candidate needs to fulfill the “3Es” in order to get a CPA license: